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Customer study

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This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. Online customer engagement is qualitatively different from offline engagement as the nature of the customer’s interactions with a brand, company and other customers differ on the internet. Discussion forums or blogs, for example, are spaces where people can communicate and socialise in ways that cannot be replicated by any offline interactive medium.

Marketing practices aim to create, stimulate or influence customer behaviour, which places conversions into a more strategic context and is premised on the understanding that a focus on maximising conversions can, in some circumstances, decrease the likelihood of repeat conversions. In March 2006, the Advertising Research Foundation announced the first definition of customer engagement as «turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context. However, the ARF definition was criticized by some for being too broad. Since 2009, a number of new definitions have been proposed in literature. Customer engagement is critical for the success of companies or brands in a technologically connected society.

This progressive customer environment requires direct communication with customers so that they are involved in the process, giving them control in exchange for their attention, to increase brand awareness and loyalty, and to earn word of mouth. Although offline customer engagement predates online, the latter is a qualitatively different social phenomenon unlike any offline customer engagement that social theorists or marketers recognize. The concept and practice of online customer engagement enables organisations to respond to the fundamental changes in customer behaviour that the internet has brought about, as well as to the increasing ineffectiveness of the traditional ‘interrupt and repeat’, broadcast model of advertising. Since the world has reached a population of over 3 billion internet users, it is conclusive that society’s interactive culture is significantly influenced by technology. Connectivity is bringing consumers and organisations together, which makes it critical for companies to take advantage and focus on capturing the attention of and interacting with well-informed consumers in order to serve and satisfy. Taking into consideration the widespread information and connections for consumers, the way to develop penetrable customer engagement is to proactively connect with customers by listening.

Listening will empower the consumer, give them control, and endorse a customer-centric two-way dialogue. This dialogue will redefine the role of the consumer as they no longer assume the end user role in the process. Customer engagement marketing is necessitated by a combination of social, technological and market developments. Companies attempt to create an engaging dialogue with target consumers and stimulate their engagement with the given brand. Although this must take place both on and off-line, the internet is considered the primary method.

Marketing begins with understanding the internal dynamics of these developments and the behaviour and engagement of consumers online. The effectiveness of the traditional ‘interrupt and repeat’ model of advertising is decreasing, which has caused businesses to lose control of communications agendas. In response to the fragmentation and increased amount of time spent online, marketers have also increased spending in online communication. The lowering of entry barriers, such as the need for a sales force, access to channels and physical assets, and the geographical widening of the market due to the internet have brought about increasing competition and a decrease in brand loyalty. Customer study combination with lower switching costs, easier access to information about products and suppliers and increased choice, brand loyalty is hard to achieve.

Case study introduction paragraph

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This section needs additional citations for verification. CE behaviour became prominent with the advent of the social phenomenon of online CE. Creating and stimulating customer engagement behaviour has recently become an explicit aim of both profit and non-profit organisations in the belief that engaging target customers to a high degree is conducive to furthering business objectives. Shevlin’s definition of CE is well suited to understanding the process that leads to an engaged customer. In its adaptation by Richard Sedley the key word is ‘investment’. Repeated interactions that strengthen the emotional, psychological or physical investment a customer has in a brand.

A customer’s degree of engagement with a company lies in a continuum that represents the strength of his investment in that company. Positive experiences with the company strengthen that investment and move the customer down the line of engagement. What is important in measuring degrees of involvement is the ability of defining and quantifying the stages on the continuum. Concerns have, however, been expressed as regards the measurability of stages three and four. Another popular suggestion is Ghuneim’s typology of engagement.

Corry, David Hilbert how to write a review the Axiomatization of Physics, p.
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