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Helium-3 is used to power the vast majority of commercial starships. Chemical engineers on Cyone added experimental mixtures of compounds to the gas to make a more efficient fuel for ships traveling long distances. One of their new formulas is used in ships transporting major loads of material to the Crucible, speeding up the building process. Developed by the Alliance, Javelin missiles release dark energy upon impact. This creates devastating space-time disruptions, magnified warp fields that strip away a target’s molecular bonds. Even the strongest kinetic barriers will eventually collapse after multiple impacts from these rockets.

D commandeered several colony factories, and now produces enough Javelin missile launchers for all dreadnoughts in the allied fleet. Volus companies are skilled at mass-producing whatever manufactured goods are currently in demand. Factories use modular equipment to switch their production lines from arms, to housing, to the next big galactic-buying trend. Recovered from a manufacturing compound, these fabrication units can stamp out custom plastics for the Crucible on an industrial scale. Elkoss Combine is a manufacturer known for producing reliable, but less expensive, versions of higher-grade weapons and armor. Their scientists are adept at reverse-engineering new technology.

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The specific purpose of the study and the research questions it attempted to answer, The potential implications emerging from your proposed study of the research problem, and A sense of how your study fits within the broader scholarship about the research problem.

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