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What is annotating

What is annotating general, compound statements span multiple lines, although in simple incarnations a whole compound statement may be contained in one line.

Function and class definitions are also syntactically compound statements. The clause headers of a particular compound statement are all at the same indentation level. Each clause header begins with a uniquely identifying keyword and ends with a colon. A suite is a group of statements controlled by a clause. The formatting of the grammar rules in the following sections places each clause on a separate line for clarity.

The suite is then executed once for each item provided by the iterator, in the order of ascending indices. Names in the target list are not deleted when the loop is finished, but if the sequence is empty, it will not have been assigned to at all by the loop. An internal counter is used to keep track of which item is used next, and this is incremented on each iteration. When this counter has reached the length of the sequence the loop terminates. This search inspects the except clauses in turn until one is found that matches the exception. If no except clause matches the exception, the search for an exception handler continues in the surrounding code and on the invocation stack.

All except clauses must have an executable block. When the end of this block is reached, execution continues normally after the entire try statement. This means that if two nested handlers exist for the same exception, and the exception occurs in the try clause of the inner handler, the outer handler will not handle the exception. This means the exception must be assigned to a different name to be able to refer to it after the except clause.

Exceptions are cleared because with the traceback attached to them, they form a reference cycle with the stack frame, keeping all locals in that frame alive until the next garbage collection occurs. If an exception occurs in any of the clauses and is not handled, the exception is temporarily saved. Thus, if an error occurs during the assignment to the target list, it will be treated the same as an error occurring within the suite would be. A function definition is an executable statement. This function object contains a reference to the current global namespace as the global namespace to be used when the function is called. A function definition may be wrapped by one or more decorator expressions. Decorator expressions are evaluated when the function is defined, in the scope that contains the function definition.

The result must be a callable, which is invoked with the function object as the only argument. The what is annotating value is bound to the function name instead of the function object. For a parameter with a default value, the corresponding argument may be omitted from a call, in which case the parameter’s default value is substituted. Default parameter values are evaluated when the function definition is executed.

What is annotate

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Function call semantics are described in more detail in section Calls. A function call always assigns values to all parameters mentioned in the parameter list, either from position arguments, from keyword arguments, or from default values. These annotations can be any valid Python expression and are evaluated when the function definition is executed. Annotations may be evaluated in a different order than they appear in the source code.

The presence of annotations does not change the semantics of a function. This uses lambda expressions, described in section Lambdas. Programmer’s note: Functions are first-class objects. Free variables used in the nested function can access the local variables of the function containing the def. See section Naming and binding for details. PEP 3107 — Function Annotations The original specification for function annotations.

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